Making Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffe

Here’s how to make your own Turkish coffee:

Put the coffee powder (about one teaspoon per demi-tasse cup of coffee) into a cezve, a special pot with a wide bottom, narrower neck, a spout, and a long handle. Add sugar and a Turkish coffee cup (fıncan) of cold water for each cup of coffee you’re making, then heat the brew to frothing three times. When the froth reaches the cezve’s narrow neck, it’s a sign to remove the pot from the heat and let the froth recede.

After the third froth-up, pour a bit of the froth into each cup. Bring the liquid still in the cezve to the froth-point once more, then pour it immediately, muddy grounds and all, into the Turkish coffee cups, which are smaller than demi-tasse cups.

Wait at least a minute for the grounds to settle before you pick up the tiny cup and sip. Enjoy the rich, thick flavor, but stop sipping when you taste the grounds coming through. Leave the “mud” in the bottom of the cup.


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