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Bebek is a picturesque bay on the European shores of the Bosphorous, with cafes, restaurants, boats, expensive flats and villas and pretty people. Bebek has always been a popular destination to spend a wonderful weekend afternoon in but over the last couple of years it has become popular with new cafes and restaurants opening at every corner.

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Popular places on the water side of Bebek :

Divan Brasserie : This is an old café of the famous Divan patisserie chain. Once you enter, you need to go one floor down to the main café area and there you are at the same level as the water. Floor to ceiling glass doors open in summer for a terrace feel. The ground floor patisserie sells wonderful mouth watering food.

Starbucks : Starbucks, recommended and trendy usually do not belong to the same sentence but if you see this Starbucks you may change your mind. This one is in the most stunning location, on a couple of terraces over the Bosphorous with great views. Food and drink is, well, Starbucks but the service is more like a café, they even have a ‘small’ choice of coffee, smaller than the usual ‘tall’ as Turkish people find their large milky coffees too big. Free wifi is a bonus. Its summer terrace is the place to be with a cold frappe under the green starbucks umbrellas.

Bebek Hotel : This small old hotel has a lovely terrace with a popular bar and a nice seafood  restaurant called Les Ambassadeurs

Bebek Balıkçısı: This is a good seafood restaurant.

Bebek Kahve, near the park and the mosque, which was standing there on its own before all the others, faithfully serving the Bogazici students with copious amounts of strong black tea and backgammon.

Lucca : Great trendy modern café, with a small terrace area. For good café food, afternoon cocktails and celebrity spotting.

Midpoint : A large popular restaurant, part of a popular chain. Very crowded at any time of the day.

House Café : Juts off the main road, House café has many branches in all popular locations of Istanbul. Eclectic décor, good food and service, this is always a nice place to be.

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